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                          About us

                        The Brief Introduction of ShanXi ZhongDe Plastic-Steel Profile Co.,Ltd.

                        Shanxi ZhongDe Plastic-Steel Profile Co., LTD. is subsidiary company of ZhongDe group and a collection of scientific research, production, sales for the integration of modern UPVC profile enterprise, which was established in November, 2001. ZhongDe Co.,Ltd covers more than 76 thousand square meters and has the total fixed assets amount of RMB 280 million with more than 1200 working staffs. The company has more than 200 leading profile extruding production lines and advanced Detection Equipment, and it is capable of producing 90,000 tons of PVC annually. ZhongDe CO., LTD has developed into the largest scale plastic profile enterprises in ShanXi province through constant hard work and dedication.

                        ZhongDe keeps long-term cooperation with German technology. The raw materials adopt American Dupont Titanium, British Stabilizer, Swiss Anti-UV absorbent and Spanish ultramarine. During production process, the company imports international advanced German Green formula. ZhongDe products (such as Thermal broken doors and windows insulated aluminum, Plastic coextrusion imitation wooden color, Color coated, Body colour,UPVC four sealed 88 series sliding window, Double-color coextrusion, etc.) are sold in ShanXi province and other areas including North China, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest etc. ZhongDe got the bid of key state project Lasha station of Qinghai-Tibet Railway on MAY, 2006 and was elected by Tibet Construction Office as ‘Best Construction materials’. Afterwards, ZhongDe products were chosen by the Beijing Olympic venues-- Cycling Museum. Brand “ZhongDe” has a good reputation in the Chinese market, at the present we would like to exploit overseas market. Since 2003, our products export to the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia,etc. A pattern that “Based on Shanxi, Radiating whole country, Facing the world” as the main form has basically taken shape. In 2009, the international financial crisis seriously strokes the economy of every business, we have to face the unprecedented challenge. Therefore, ZhongDe CO., LTD adopt a wait-and-see attitude, actively responding to needs and crises , holding on advance economic growth and supporting the flooded areas in Sichuan. Through scientific expound and prove, we determined to establish new production in WenJiang developing area ChengDu Province--- Production base in southwest (ZhongDe Plastic-steel profile SiChuan CO.,LTD), The total investment is 120 million RMB and has more than 70 leading profile extruding production lines, it is capable of producing 45,000 tons of PVC annually. The sales income reached 450 million. So that it can help firms integrate resource effectively of southwest areas, perfect the structure and layout, make ZhongDe products producing locally and selling locally, safety the cost in logistics, not only offer the qualified products to the flood victims, but also come true self-development rapidly.    

                        ZhongDe brand Plastic Profiles received the certificates of conformity with ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certification and ISO14001:2004 Certified to Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001: 2001 GB/T28001-2001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certification. ZhongDe Co.,Ltd has received special honors, as ‘The satisfaction Enterprises’, ‘The member of China Construction Metal Structure Association’, ‘Hundred Strongest ShanXi Private National Enterprises’, ‘ShanXi High-tech enterprises’, ‘ShanXi Private Economy development Star Enterprises’, etc. The company’s products were credited as being ‘ShanXi’s Top Brand’, ‘China well-known Brand’, ‘The satisfaction Products’,’ PICC –People Insurance Company of China undertakes to provide quality insurance for ZhongDe products’. Thus the chairman Mr ChengTianQing got the award of “Charming Chang Zhi ten famous figure”,” ShanXi outstanding entrepreneurs”, “Outstanding National People's Congress” etc. In 2008 he was elected Member of the CPPCC National Committee. Meanwhile, he was chosen torch bearer of Olympic with distinction. ZhongDe CO.,LTD was praised for Great national unity group at the Fifth  commendation meeting held by the State Council on Sep.29,2009.

                        To think of the source of getting rich and of making progress after becoming affluence.ZhongDe Co.,LTD as a young private enterprise, he thought himself of social responsibility, is based on “honesty and law-abiding, pay taxes as required” commercial principles, participating in work for social welfare service and improving the condition of disadvantaged people in society. During the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake,ZhongDe CO.,LTD donated 100 thousand RMB and valued at 1.1million RMB of PVC profiles, in the past 8 years, the company had donated money and materials valued at 6million RMB. ZhongDe CO., LTD makes the development of enterprise integrate into the development of society, gets much attention and affirmation in social circles as a model of the public spirited Private Enterprise.

                        According to ZhongDe development Strategy, the plan of second stage liners will reach more than 260, the productive capacity will reach 180,000 tons; the plan of third stage both of them will reach 400 liners and 300,000 tons, so that achieves the aims the top three in the same lines. Though won the honors, all staffs of ZhongDe CO., LTD put their shoulders to the wheel; create ZhongDe Brand as their duty; strive to make their enterprise bigger and stronger; fight for three strategic goals---“Create plastic profile industry base”, “Win over a model for national private enterprises”, “Cultivate the cradle of ZhongDe cultures”.

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